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  • Greetings once again! =)

    I'm Katerina Levchenko and

    I'm a piano teacher!

    I do not want to bother you with lots of details about my bio. The most important thing is that I am a positive, smiley person who loves music, loves teaching how to play the piano and loves to share this love and joy of music with people. I've had years of classical training but it's not important because it's not what I want for you. What I want for you is to play the piano (both hands!) from the get go and enjoy it and yourself! =).

  • Simply Music Piano

    Innovative playing-based approach!

    Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institute in the world. The main difference from traditional programmes is that we delay music reading as much as we can, so that the students could experience playing and improvising firstly, getting "well acquainted" with the piano and feeling great. In essence, the method consists of playing-based tools that are easy to understand when seen and played. This, together with a new teaching approach results in students of all ages playing great sounding contemporary, blues and classical music from the very first lessons! Here you can learn more about this amazing method http://simplymusicpiano.com/

  • What's given? What's needed?

    What's given to you!

    Learning how to play the piano here is similar to how we learn our first language. When a child has plenty of time to practice speaking before learning how to read and write, when the magic of learning is happening actually at home with some tools (books and videos) helping parents with teaching. Same is here. I will be your teacher (or better to say - coach) for just one lesson per week (that's all you need!), where I'll check you progress and explain new material for your development. You will be given student materials where there are videos of what has just been learnt during the lesson (so that you refer to the lesson as often as you like) and audio recordings of music pieces you're learning . Believe me, this is just awesome to have this information!

    What do you need to do is

    To train for 20 minutes six days a week (lesson time isn't included and one day is the day off) using what you've learnt during the lesson this week and using videos from student materials; to attend new lessons, surely, and most importantly, to enjoy yourself! THAT'S IT!
    You will feel and hear the results immediately after a few lessons and continue to do so throughout the whole experience!

  • The bottom line is

    If you want for yourself (or your child) to play the piano right away, feel great about yourself, to lay the foundation for developing your or your child's musicianship, to be in a place where you can just sit and play contemporary, blues, classical, gospel and accompaniment pieces, to improvise and compose, to make music a lifelong companion, then I am a perfect teacher for you!


How much? What you get in return?

How much doest it cost?

Cost of lessons

You have two options: having private lessons or having shared lessons in small groups (2-3 people), in any case one lesson per week is enough to have a tremendous progress. Private lessons are $40 per lesson (30 min), shared lessons are $120 per month (one per week, that is four or five per month - the price is the same, lesson is 35-40 minutes long. Simply Music Method has the best results in group environment (advantages being: it's cheaper, you have performance experience for public, it's competitive - thus faster development, you get to observe and it's more fun this way), though for the majority of my students it's easier to start with a few private lessons and then switch to shared. The choice is yours!

Student materials!

It is $35 per level of development for student home materials (SHM) once every 3 to 6 months, depending on your pace of learning. This is one of the best part of Simply Music Program. You get to take video lessons with you wherever you go and watch as often as you need to get "flying" with the lesson's material, all you need is online access. That's why one lesson per week with me is enough to have a tremendous progress =)

What do you get in return?


What you get in return is just incredible! The results are amazing and they will speak for themselves! From the first lessons you start to play the piano both hands. In just a few months you'll be playing about ten great sounding pieces (contemporary, classical, gospel, blues), also you will be able to play improvisations and accompaniments. While traditional learning is usually hard and takes at least two lessons per week (where one should be private) for good results, here you need only one and just 20 minutes of training most days of the week. So you'll end up even saving money and time. Most of all, you'll feel at ease and you'll feel great about yourself for your own achievments!


You will be able to just sit and play lovely music of different styles, to improvise and compose. You will get music as your lifelong companion and along with it every benefit that music brings into our lives!

Why Music?

There are a lot of researches on how music helps people, how it improves our IQ, our brain.. Maybe all of this is true, I just don't know. So, instead of repeating those facts, I think it will be fair if I just point out what music does for ME. You can just take a look and decide whether it's true or can be true for you.

It soothes

I can release my emotions when I play

It gives relaxation

It offers challenges that I can overcome

And feel great about myself in doing so

It gives confidence

It makes me feel that the world is so beautiful

I can communicate through music with others

It gives a sense of accomplishment

It's a fantastic distraction from the technological fast-moving world

It's fun, it brings joy to me

I can share this joy with others, bring happiness to others

I can inspire creativity

It connects me to history

It really is like a therapy for me and others

I can loose myself into something great

Music and my piano are my friends whom I can always rely on.

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Ekaterina Levchenko
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